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If someone shot and killed the author of the whitepaper, cryptocurrencies would continue regardless. The point being that it matters not who invented the solution, Bitcoin is built on transparency and consensus. The inner-workings, and all the transaction history, are there for anyone to see and inspect while, at the same time, it is inherently secure and cannot be controlled or stopped. Presently, most people are still relying on fiat currencies and using them to purchase cryptocurrencies. The tipping point comes when more people start getting paid directly in cryptocurrencies and using cryptocurrencies to make everyday purchases, at which point the value of fiat currencies are all on a race to zero. The more you use and understand cryptocurrencies the more you begin to realise how big this is, like the beginning of the internet itself, only bigger and with enormous world-changing implications.

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It’s a fragile mess, an enormous Ponzi scheme even, of money printed at will, creating ever increasing inflation . It’s entirely unsustainable and, without wishing to sound like some ‘end of the world is nigh’ nut-job, I believe what we’re witnessing is the beginning of a global economic collapse …. As more people rush to move their wealth into cryptocurrencies, it’s likely to accelerate that collapse very quickly, meaning it may be coming far sooner than any of us think it is. OR, the delivery driver will ask for payment when he turns up at your door, which means you then have to make him wait while you phone UPS with the payment details. It’s definitely not a set and forget solution as the driver is beta and miner is also still in development.

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That can often be more effective than GPU mining for Alt coins. Things seemed to work out of the box for the first two days, then problems, updated macminer to the most recent…and the graph looks similar to when things quarkcoin value were paying out…, but no more payouts… I have bought it with the frame of mind that it’s just a bit of fun and not a real investment because I’m fully prepared to lose that money which is also a possibility.

quarkcoin value

It runs about 35MH/s which isn’t bad for a year old laptop. It was making the bottom of the case a little hotter than I would like so I backed the intensity down to -1 where it generates about 31MH/s and it seems to be running at a pretty nice temperature. Wish I had found this app when btc mining was a little easier.

I have also tried connecting display to other cards and using different HDMI/DisplayPort connections but without much success. Not sure what’s happening but payouts from NiceHash have been all over the place in l last couple of days. Ethereum payouts have been in steady decline since July and it has brought down the appeal of AMD cards. I have also seen my 2x GTX1080Ti to go over £7/day for the first time today even if it was for a short while.

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If two miners finish different blocks at the same time, the blockchain branches. Each node keeps its own copy of the transaction set and works from that. Once the next block is solved, all nodes switch to the transaction set used by the last solve. Quarkcoin is currently only used for investment purposes and to transfer funds to other persons, as there are no merchants nor gambling sites accepting the cryptocurrency as a payment method currently.

Personally, I think a diversified portfolio of 5 strong coins is a good bet. Seems to be doing reasonably well at the moment seems very close to overtaking Ripple. Although have heard good things about Ripple, I read some banks have been trialling it and have extended the trials as it’s been quite successful. High performance Stratum poolserver in Node.js for merged mining.

Not sure about the minergate reviews for example, but the software is fun. Though getting pools set up takes some effort and which miner with what coin is a HUGE area of info. It was older firmware and second fan running slower and running at higher temp. I updated firmware and temps have gone lower but second fan still runs slower.

Good work with the rig, I like the idea of you using it to heat the house, getting heat from it makes it more profitable I guess. Anyone relatively new to cryptocurrencies will certainly relate to this … Those of you that have ordered from bitmain before what carrier did you use and what happened when it arrived, did you get vat and stuff to deal with. Powerline adaptors will only work on the same electrical phase so it can be a problem getting them to work in factories, where it’s common to have multiple phases.

  • I will agree that that crypto currencies are borderless and fast.
  • Also have been looking at getting S9, decided to go for it but Bitmain only accepts Bitcoin Cash payments for it at this time so I bailed out.
  • Each node keeps its own copy of the transaction set and works from that.
  • They are an interesting technological novelty for now.
  • My customer unboxed and plugged in the other 2 units, so this is the first time I’ve actually seen one in the flesh.

Ripple is another one that has close ties with fiat and also the backing of the banking industry. While such cryptocurrencies might have their uses, they’re completely missing the point. Some argue that since we measure cryptocurrency prices in fiat, what we’re seeing isn’t so much a steep rise in the price of cryptocurrencies but fiat prices falling to zero. I think there’s probably some truth in that but it won’t become apparent until all faith in the government-controlled currencies collapses . The thing with Bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies in general, is that the ‘cat’s out of the bag’ now, so to speak.

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If you don’t pay the duty before delivery is attempted, you’ll need to phone UPS and make the payment while the driver waits, which can take a while. I usually phone UPS on the morning of the delivery, to avoid making the driver wait, giving them both of the tracking numbers. I think 8.00am is the earliest you can phone (you could try the day before, but if you phone them before it’s in the UK they’ll tell you they can’t raise the duty invoice yet). They should inform the driver that you’ve paid but they’ll give you an authorisation code for each package that you can give to the driver in case he hasn’t received notification that you’ve paid. Ironically it’s the ‘old system’ that imposes those restrictions on the exchanges, not cryptocurrencies. They have to adhere to Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer laws when dealing with fiat currency.

quarkcoin value

I think another mistake they made (assuming it doesn’t turn out to be an inside job) was not changing the payout thresholds to keep up with the price of BTC. The weekly ‘pot’ must’ve been getting larger and larger. When I first started using NiceHash, you would receive a payout if your earnings exceeded 0.1 BTC before the scheduled weekly payout day. 0.1 BTC back then was around £100 or less, presently it’s over £1,000.

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It’s recovered nicely in the last few days though now that confidence in the markets seems to have returned. Ok, so, Energy Saver settings have been updated to make sure the GPU isn’t being switched. The Bessant Cloud Miner Bitcoin Calculator tool allows you to convert any amount to and from bitcoin and your preferred world currencies, with conversion rates based on the live Bessant Cloud Miner Bitcoin Price Index. Non-USD BPI prices are implied based on rates obtained via API. I do believe they are here to stay and offer one of the most innovating technologies in the cryptoworld.


Last couple of times when Bitmain releases new batch of miners with BCH payment only BCH prices goes up a lot due to increased demand, then slowly falls back. Next time could be opportunity to buy some BCH before price goes up if you can do it in time and then sell before it starts dropping. If you hold some at the moment it could be time to sell while the price is still high. This is just a speculation and I could be wrong or they might release another batch tomorrow and push the prices even higher but at least something to think about.

GTX1080Tis moved back to separate motherboard as I could not get them to work properly with splitter, maybe will have another go nest weekend wehn i have more time. First of all, I finally managed to move 2 of Ti’s to Microserver, not without problems. First it would not detect any of them and while it detects thenm initially it does fail on one after while. I am now testing to see if it is related to any specific card, slot on my splitter or socket, wiring ect. Getting Bios update for HP Microserver is a bit of pain as well. You don’t need to be able to send international payments to buy BTC .